In January 2018, Delaware joined many other states and filed a lawsuit against the companies who manufacture opioid medications accusing them of causing a large epidemic in the country.

Attorney General Matt Denn filed the litigation in a state court against the manufacturers Endo International Plc and Purdue Pharma LP along with several retailers and wholesale drug distributors such as Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. In his suit, Matt Denn alleges that the companies employed a massive advertising campaign, which targeted millions of American consumers, to conceal the many risks of using opioids to treat chronic pain.

Opioids are frequently misused and inappropriately prescribed all across the U.S. because of this aggressive marketing campaign, according to the claims. In some states such as Ohio, over 793 million doses are prescribed every year, and thousands of patients die of opiates overdose every year. Lawyers also alleged that the retailers ignored many red flags indicating that the narcotics were diverted to unlawful uses, contributing to the widespread epidemic that is currently affecting the entire country.

In 2016 alone, 112 Delawareans lost their lives due to prescription opioid-related overdoses. According to the suit, the Big Pharma voluntarily consumers and doctors as well by understating the risk of addiction associated with the use of these medications. In the attempt of stopping the many fatalities caused by opiates every year, many State Attorney Generals took action by starting a legal battle, including Mississipi, New York, West Virginia and Ohio. Thousands of victims and their families joined them, and filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies to receive financial compensation.

The litigation costs might probably force many drugmakers to settle with some plaintiffs, actually increasing the size of the litigation itself. Many attorneys hope that a global settlement is reached as soon as possible though, to stop the litigation and put an end to the overwhelming wave of opioid prescriptions that is currently flooding every hospital, nursing home and clinic in the United States.