Bounce House Injuries Lawsuits

If you or one of your children suffered a traumatic brain injury or any other Bounce House or Inflatables accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Let our attorneys assist you during these difficult times.

Product: Bounce Houses, Inflatable Castles

Injury: Broken bones,  brain injury, death

Excepting Cases: Yes

Settlement Amounts: EST – $100,000 over $1,000,000

Who is liable for my children’s injuries?

Since often these accidents occur at public events, families may file a litigation against both the companies that produce defective inflatable structures as well as the event organizers.

Knowing who is responsible for your son or daughter’s suffering is the first step to identify who should be sued. Determining liability, however, is different for each bouncy castle injury case. Parties which may be held responsible if you decide to pursue a civil action include:

  • Inflatable structures manufacturers
  • Installers and Operators
  • Property owners
  • Equipment owners and renters
  • Event organizers
  • Overseers and school officials

If someone else’s negligence caused any harm to your child, you should not pay for their fault. Knowing how to adequately protect your rights in court is all but simple, and that’s why our experienced attorneys will provide you with all the legal assistance you will need.

Bouncy Castle Brain Injuries on the Rise

Inflatable structures are becoming more and more popular as they are often rented during fairs, birthday parties and church picnics, or added as fancy “fun houses” to both outdoor and indoor playgrounds. However, these apparently harmless castles can be much more dangerous than they seem.

According to a recent study, the number of bounce house injuries has increased 15-fold in the last few decades, with more than 30 children getting harmed every day. The number of cases has skyrocketed, and many youths suffered grievous damage that required emergency treatment.

More than half of these injuries occur in 6 to 12-year-old kids, while another third happens in those under the age of 5. Many experts defined this emerging hazard as “epidemic,” especially since head and neck injuries may lead to serious brain trauma, often with permanent consequences.

Defective inflatable structure dangers and injuries

Defective toys or playground equipment such as inflatable bounce houses can seriously harm a kid. Children hurt by defective structures may sustain serious injuries such as broken arms, legs and necks. The most unfortunate ones can strike their heads on hard surfaces while jumping, causing permanent brain injuries or even their untimely death.


When our kids are injured on someone else’s watch, it may be due to negligence, a general term used to describe any behavior that directly causes or contributes to an accident. If someone else can be held liable for your kids’ injuries, you might sue for compensation in court. A school district can be held liable for injuries their children incur at an inflatable structure, for example, when lack of supervision may lead to harm. Negligence may be involved in any case in which an adult or other officials fail to adhere to precise standards of care.

Attractive nuisance

If a kid is drawn to a dangerous space on a property such as an unsafe or defective bouncy castle, he can severely harm himself. In many states, a specific personal injury law holds owners of property where a hazardous “attractive nuisance” is found responsible for any damage a victim may sustain.

Why you should file a bounce house injury litigation

Renters and owners of bouncy castles are required by law to adhere to strict safety standards to guarantee your security. Seeing a loved one in pain because of their lack of responsibility is heartbreaking. The emotional and physical damage may affect your daughter or son for a long time, and medical bills take their toll financially. If your kid is injured in an accident, filing a litigation against those found responsible could be the only way to receive monetary compensation.

With more than 30 years of experience, our law firm can and will assist you to receive a proper financial compensation for any damage your children may have suffered. Just focus on the healing process, together we will fight this legal battle until justice is done.

How much does an inflatable injury attorney cost to hire?

If you contact us, our lawyers will provide you with free and confidential legal advice with no obligation. You do not need to pay any fee to our law firm unless we secure you a proper financial award. We will charge you a percentage based on your recovery according to the laws enforced by each state.

You do not have to pay for someone else’s negligence, but what’s even more important, your child doesn’t either. At meds law group, we are all fathers and mothers like you, and we committed all our efforts to help American families recover the damages they need for the last 30 years.

Contact us as soon as possible, we will provide you with a free case evaluation and everything you may need to just focus on healing.