Report A Fraud

Have you witnessed or took part in any illegal scheme? If you work as an insider in a corporation perpetuating fraud and possess evidence or privileged information that may help uncover it, we may help you receive financial compensation.


We will help you expose fraudulent companies and be rewarded for your honesty.


Frauds and Whistleblowing

(CGMP) violations

CGMP violations

Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) frauds occur when pharmaceutical factories best practices guidelines in the production of the medications releasing ineffective or dangerous drugs to the market.


 Pharmaceutical Kickback

Pharmaceutical Kickback

Pharmaceutical kickbacks are a common fraud perpetrated by drug manufacturer by bribing healthcare providers to persuade them in prescribing inappropriate medicines for financial interests.

Manufactured Compound Drugs Fraud

Manufactured Compound Drugs Fraud occurs when pharmacies produce large quantities of ineffective mixed-medication drugs that are otherwise intended for single individuals.

Prescriptions Frauds

Prescriptions Fraud

Prescriptions frauds are illegal schemes where pharmaceutical companies overcharge patients or provide their customers with a smaller quantity of a medication.


Iraq War Veterans and Contractors

Our Lawyers are currently pursuing claims under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act against foreign banks that illegally helped finance acts of international terrorism during the war.


Our winning team of lawyers is here to protect you from negligent companies


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