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If you took a drug or medication and experienced serious complications and side effect injurys you may qualify for financial compensation.

Drug Injuries

Consumers and doctors rely on the regulatory agencies to assess the various medications’ safety before these are released to the market. All the new molecules are extensively tested in long and complicated clinical trials that may require years before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) approve their use. However, despite the solid and comprehensive premarket review and approval process, contemporary pharmacology is a delicate and complex system that still relies on a plethora of different factors.

No study can even predict drug safety risks when it is used by all those populations that were not included in the original trials (e.g. the elderly, pregnant women, diabetic patients, children, etc.). Monitoring the myriad of possible interactions with other substances or medications taken by patients in a real-world setting also represent a significant challenge that regulators still need to address. It is not uncommon that a lot of unexpected side effects are inevitably discovered during the postmarketing period.

Current Drug Litigations

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Fighting Against The Parmaceutical Companies

The FDA often lacks the resources or strength to fend off all the multiple instances where a large corporation jeopardizes public health by putting its own economic interests before the safety of patients. Victims who were injured by a defective or hazardous medication are often required to take the matter into their own hands and seek an attorney to file a lawsuit. Holding the pharmaceutical companies accountable for the harm they could inflict is a civic duty that each one of us is responsible for. Every time that a plaintiff brings his own case in front of a jury by joining a mass tort, he’s doing more than fighting his personal battle to receive just compensation. He’s fighting to protect anyone else from enduring the same suffering he had to face.

Article written by Dr. Claudio Butticè, Pharm.D.

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